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Laurie S.

I can confirm that he is a Doctor of great integrity, knowledge, and patience with a kind professional manner. I have found Dr. Fritz to be dependable, reliable, hard working, conscientious, and courteous.

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Frank K.

Dr. Fritz is a caring and conscientious man who cares deeply about his clients. He has a vast knowledge of psychology and addictions. He is easily approachable and works well as part of the health care team.

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Dr. David L.

Dr. Don Fritz is a respected person in our community with unquestionable integrity. He is well qualified for roles in counselling.


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Delores O.

Dr. Fritz was well liked and appreciated. He is a warm-hearted, generous, caring, highly educated, and very experienced counselor. It is my honor to highly recommend Dr. Fritz.

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Ron P.

I've had the privilege of working with Dr. Fritz for 5 years. He has established a reputation of being a caring clinician, who has demonstrated his kindness to the maximum degree. He has many years of clinical and life experience with a unique blend of wisdom that comes from both.

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Landon L.

Now I feel that I have a life worth living, and it's even enjoyable! Thank you Dr. Fritz, in the deepest manner possible, for showing me this path and teaching me how to stay on it. I finally have the peace I was looking for.