Personal Counselling

Issues regarding anxiety, depression, and stress are very common. Dr. Fritz is well equipped to provide you with solutions.

Suicidal thoughts and self-harm are serious issues that require a qualified counselor such as Dr. Fritz.

Chemical and behavioral addictions are hard to overcome. Dr. Fritz has years of experience helping clients move beyond and cope with difficult addictions.

Personal development is harmed in the face of self-destructive behaviors. This is all too common in our society!  Dr. Fritz will help you halt self-destruction in it's path. 

We treat other issues including paranoia, eating disorders, attachment disorders, loneliness, self-esteem, grief, and anger-management.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling can help with diverse issues from divorce and separation, pre-marital, sibling relationships, parent/child relationships to family feuds

Adoption counselling is highly important to help an adoption family work on nurturing adopted children to make them feel secure in family circles. 

Couples Counselling

Research has shown that people who are in healthy relationships have more enriched lives and live longer.  However, in our current culture, breakdown is frequent! Therefore,  it is important to come for quality counselling and spend time building a strong healthy relationship, 

We will work hard to help you find successful solutions to issues of communication, forgiveness, financial, sexual,  spiritual, and philosophical worldviews. 

Fees For Professional Service

Our fee for service is $120/hr (On a sliding scale depending on financial resources).